I'm Hannah e a human-centered advocator who crafts intuitive customer experience.

Lead Product Designer @PowerToFly.com. I care deeply about education, diversity & inclusion of underrepresented communities in digital products. I’ve been a UI-UX Design Mentor in different platforms like careerfoundry, adplist, codementor, IxDF, Rookieup where I have helped over 100+ students start their design careers. On my free time I’m part of a toastmaster club where I practice my public speaking skills .

Increasing Job Applications

Redesigning the Job search experience in PowerToFly.com and how it increased job applications by 16% 2 weeks after release.

Design system for PowerToFly

Creating an inclusive and accesible design system for a robust platform. The design system it's being used by different pods to build 3 new products.

Cutting dropout rate from 50 to 10%

Helping PowerToFly increase registration numbers on their online events.

creating a Community Space

In order to have increase engagement with the platform, we had the task to create a community to give users a reasons to come back to the platform.


Desinging a mobile app that connects pet owners and pet walkers. This project showcase my Product Design skills.

Kidazzler mobile app

An app to help parents find family-friendly businesses and service providers. Building thn app from scratch.


Desinging the mobile app. This project showcase my UI skills + Design System.


This project showcase my UI skills + Design system.

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